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Drain Advice

Blocked drains are bad news. They happen without warning. They cause unpleasant odours, potential flooding, and can result in loss of customer and staff goodwill, lost productivity and revenue, and even prosecution.


These are measures that can be taken to guard against the inconvenience of a blocked or structurally defective drain:


  • Remove hairs that get trapped in the basin/bath/shower plug hole.

  • Regularly flush basin/bath/shower pipe work with disinfectant to clear soap residue.

  • Keep objects such as combs, bottles, toys away from where they could fall into the toilet.

  • Don't flush away disposable items such as nappies, tissues and sanitary towels.

  • Keep drain grids free of leaves, moss and regularly wash down with hot water and disinfectant.

  • Check drains are free-flowing by periodically lifting drain covers.

  • Check gutters and downpipes twice a year. Remove any debris with a trowel.

  • Do not dispose of food scraps down the kitchen sink. Pull scraps out of the plug hole, don't poke through.

  • Try to avoid disposing of cooking fat down the drain. If there's no alternative, mix with very hot water and plenty of detergent.

  • Don't overdo the use of soap powder when doing your washing.

Regular Planned Maintenance - Tailored to meet individual needs, drains are us offers a schedule of regular service visits where the entire drainage system or specific sections of it are thoroughly purged and cleaned using appropriate specialist equipment.


Regular Drain Surveys - Getting your drains checked regularly using drains are us CCTV drain inspection service enables you to keep a check on the structural condition of any drain or section of pipe work. Doing this will identify any problem areas before they develop into causing blockages or leaks. Leaks can result in environmental pollution in contravention of section 85 of the Water Resources Act 1991. At worst they can result in subsidence of near by buildings.


Free Drain Check and Planned Maintenance Recommendation - All of our drain engineers are experts in dealing with any and every drainage problem. Consequently they are in a position to visit your premises and identify any potential problem areas within your drainage system including:


  • a check on all wash basins and urinals
  • advice on particular problem areas
  • a full report on our findings

A service schedule can then be designed specifically to prevent the onset of blockages and any other drain related problems. This is carried out free of charge and with no obligation. Click here to request a free drain check. 

Free Emergency Call Outs
 - In the unlikely event that a blockage occurs in a section of drainage covered by a maintenance schedule, it will be cleared free of charge and receive priority attention.





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